Sunday, March 6, 2011

DNA of Nehru Dynasty

This i got from a friend who find it on internet. Dont know That all this is true or not, But many things are true Like Indra (indra gandhi) was found with her german teacher on the bed in Shanti Niketan following this Indra was told to leave Shanti Niketan by Rabindranath Tagore.

DNA of Nehru Dynasty

GHIYASUDDIN GHAZI (Name changed to GANGA DHAR to escape British army). His son was MOTI LAL NEHRU (called as father of jawahar lal nehru)

MOTILAL married and his first wife and son died at childbirth.MOTILAL and his second wife THUSSU (name changed to SWAROOP RANI) had three children THUSSU with MOBARAK ALI (Motilal's Boss) had the first son JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU (he was circumcised)

MOTILAL AND THUSSU had two daughters by name NAN (also called Vijaya Lakshmi) & KRISHNA .MOTILAL had also two sons out of Muslim women by name SHEIK (sheikh) ABDULLA & SYUD HUSSAIN

VIJAYA LAKSHMI eloped with SYUD HUSSAIN (half brother and sister) and had a girl CHANDRALEKHA .VIJAYALAKSHMI MARRIED R.S. PANDIT and had two more girls NAYANTARA & RITA .

JAWAHARLAL NEHRU married KAMALA KAUL ( later known as kamla nehru) (marriage never consummated) JAWAHARLAL had an affair with SARADDHA MATA (assumed name) and had a son given away to an orphanage in BANGALORE . JAWAHAR LAL had an affair with LADY MOUNTBATTEN but no children. JAWAHAR LAL HAD MANY AFFAIRS and in the end died of SYPHILIS . KAMALA KAUL had an affair with MANZUR ALI (who is son of Mobark Ali who fathered Nehru also) and their daughter is INDIRA PRIYADARSINI NEHRU . KAMALA KAUL had an affair with FEROZ KHAN (son of Nawab Khan who supplied liquor to their house) but no children.

INDIRA was found in the bed with her GERMAN TEACHER at Shantiniketan. INDIRA PRIYADARSINI did nikah as per Islamic rites with FEROZ KHAN after converting herself to Islam. Her new name was MAIMUNA BEGUM and both had changed their name to fool the public of India on the advice of Mahatma Gandhi by an affidavit in a court to INDIRA GANDHI and FEROZ GANDHI .

INDIRA and FEROZ had one son by name RAJIV GANDHI (as per Islamic rites he was circumcised)INDIRA had an affair with MOHAMMED YOUNUS and had a second son SANJIV GANDHI (later the name changed to SANJAY GHANDI to escape prosecution in UK for car theft. He was circumcised as per Islamic rites)INDIRA had an affair with M.O. MATHAI (Nehru's steno) and a son was aborted .INDIRA had an affair with DHIRENDRA BRAMMACHARI but no children .

INDIRA had an affair with DHINESH SINGH but no children .FEROZ had an affair with TARAKESWARI SINHA .FEROZ had an affair with MEHMUNA SULTANA ,FEROZ had an affair with SUBHADRA JOSHI and many others.

RAJIV GANDHI converted to a Christian Catholic and changed the name to ROBERTO and married the Italian Catholic Christian by name SONIA MAINO (Sonia Maino was on the pay roll of KGB, the Russian spy agency which presented her in front of Rajiv Ghandi) and had one daughter and one son by name BIANKA and RAUL. For the Indian public these names are presented as PRIANKA and RAHUL.

The Womanizer(Nehru) was after ladies and even had an illegitimate son who was left with some christian missionaries. One of the reason for the free run for the christian conversion through out India and in North East particularly was that the christians could blackmail Nehru with exposure. Eventually this womanizer died of TERTIARY SYPHILIS-AORTIC ANEURYSM.


  1. Both Mohandas Gandhi & Jawahar Lal Nehru were born bastards. When they were the creator of Independent India then we should not blame the present day political leaders of corruption, theft, murder, extrotion,rape & all misdeeds that they are doing and have institutionalized in India. These evil are in their veins and imbibed from their are about to celebrate Independence Day, what a joke....independence from whom-- Brits, then what about these scoundrels.

  2. Who was your father?? Did your mother told you about your other siblings? Ask her about your father, she would give you all the details and make you proud. idiot!

  3. It is sad to sling mud on people without corroborating evidence, just on hearsay, of which there is no dearth on web.